Sustainable logistics in Bern and Zurich: a comparison of their climate goals

Various cities in Switzerland have revised their climate goals. Bern and Zurich are committing themselves to sustainable logistics.



New climate protection regulations have been in force in the city of Bern since September 2022. They define mandatory reduction pathways that apply to all CO2 emissions up to the year 2035, and a variety of measures are planned to achieve the city’s climate goals. For example, Bern wants to increase the use of renewable energies, promote energy-efficient buildings, and prioritize climate-neutral means of transportation. Within the context of these goals, there’s also a growing interest in sustainable urban logistics.

A large percentage of emissions are caused by goods traffic, and Bern has developed a logistics strategy to make this area more climate-neutral. Amongst other things, it includes the establishment of hub space and deliveries to B2C and B2B customers that rely on small, climate-neutral vehicles.

Hub spaces or microhubs are transshipment points where goods that have arrived from elsewhere are gathered together and then transported to the city center in climate-neutral vehicles.

What climate goals are being pursued by the neighboring city of Zurich?

While Bern wants to function as a role model with its climate protection initiatives, Zurich intends to become climate-neutral by 2040. As part of its urban logistics concept, Zurich has already set up several city hubs where goods are consolidated and transshipped. The idea is that these hubs should help to reduce goods traffic in the city center and minimize the pollution that affects local residents as well as the environment as a whole.

Viewed overall, the two cities are demonstrating their increased commitment to sustainable logistics, and autonomous delivery vehicles offer a promising solution if one is to cut CO2 emissions. The autonomous “LOXO Alpha” from Bern could play a key role in achieving the climate goals of Swiss towns and cities.

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