LOXO the mapless autonomous driving technology from Switzerland

LOXO is a leader in autonomous driving technology providing a full package; Including proprietary autonomous software, delivery vehicle & remote control. Our delivery vehicle LOXO Alpha is the first fully autonomous vehicle driving in Europe on public road. LOXO increases the efficiency, flexibility and safety of the last- & middle mile delivery and reduces the environmental footprint for the benefit of all. Join the change and deliver autonomously from now on.

A lean green way
to deliver the goods

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Safety with triple redundancy

LOXO's delivery vehicles are capable of operating autonomously on both public and private roads. Our autonomous software stack uses the most advanced sensors with powerful algorithms to detect all kinds of objects, people, and animals in a 360° field of view.  A safety fall-back solution is provided with our service: a trained human supervisor monitors the actions of the vehicle fleet and can intervene in operations. Triple redundancy is provided.

Emission-free & sustainable

LOXO vehicles are fully automated and run entirely on electricity, making them 100% emission-free and highly energy-efficient. These vehicles have a lightweight body that is made from 50% recycled material. This material can be reused at the end of their life, reducing waste. LOXO vehicles are engineered and manufactured in Switzerland, ensuring high quality and reliability.

Cost-effective and flexible delivery

Our scalable and cost-cutting solution boosts the profit margin of your delivery business. You can let your customers benefit from lower shipping expenses and higher delivery flexibility.

Mapless autonomous technology

Our autonomous software stack is mapless and based on a proprietary AI model. This completely mapless solution removes the burden of pre-mapping the area and saves valuable time and costs while providing full flexibility.   

Our service offering

Pair the LOXO autonomous vehicle with customized services called Automated Delivery as a Service (ADaaS) for the end-to-end delivery solution or use our software as a service offer for your on-/off-road vehicles for being an autonomous first mover.

Autonomous Delivery as a Service (ADaaS)

LOXO offers its ADaaS full package service as a subscription model including the delivery vehicle incl. maintenance and the autonomous software license.

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Integrate our solution as a Software as a Service (SaaS)

We offer our full-stack software for autonomous driving as well as the full-stack software for remote supervision and teleoperation of the fleet to our customers.

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The power of partnership

LOXO cooperates with prestigious research and development partners in Switzerland. In technical development as in vehicle construction, we are proud to be Swiss Made.

Bringing visionary ideas to life via engineering excellence

LOXO was founded to make goods delivery safer, greener and more convenient – for everyone.

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