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LOXO is the first autonomous delivery vehicle in Switzerland. At LOXO, we are convinced that our technology is the solution for providers and customers. LOXO increases the efficiency, flexibility and safety of the first and last mile delivery and reduces the environmental footprint for the benefit of all. Join the change and deliver autonomously from now on.

A lean green way
to deliver the goods

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Reliably cost-effective

Cut package-delivery costs by an average of two-thirds and boost the profit margins of your online delivery business. Your customers, too, enjoy lower shipping expenses. LOXO also solves the growing problem of a lack of delivery staff. It is easy to load and always ready for deliveries, with a best-in-class package capacity.

Autonomy made safe and compliant

LOXO operates autonomously. The most advanced sensors work with powerful algorithms to detect objects and people in a 360° field of view. A trained human teleoperator monitors the actions of the vehicle fleet and can intervene in operations, including speaking with users, if anything unexpected occurs. The LOXO vehicle is engineered and built in Switzerland.

Emission-free and sustainable

LOXO is fully automated and 100% electric. Its deliveries produce zero CO2 and are extremely energy efficient. The vehicle body mass is manufactured with 50% recycled material that will be reused again at the end of vehicle life.

Convenient on-demand delivery

The user experience improves and satisfaction increases when customers can schedule delivery themselves in a fast, flexible way. LOXO comes to their home, office, vacation residence – wherever they are – and meets this growing demand head on. Its advanced software and purpose-built compartments, which keep orders physically separate, make getting merchandise into your customers’ hands convenient and seamless.  

Be an autonomous first mover

Pair the LOXO autonomous vehicle with customized services called Automated Delivery as a Service (ADaaS) for the premier all-in-one, end-to-end e-commerce solution.

1 · Online goods meet environmental good

Customers use your proprietary app to shop online. Their orders are delivered reliably, inexpensively, emission-free. And the LOXO vehicle is not only electric, its service algorithms optimize delivery routes and maximize the effectiveness of shared mobility. Your customers enjoy unbeatable convenience plus the positive feeling of reducing the number of individual delivery trips and their own CO2 footprint.

2 · Flexible delivery scheduling

Customers choose when they want to receive their orders. LOXO pulls up to the address provided with the package(s) contained in a purpose-built compartment that separates them from other orders. It messages its arrival to the customer. A teleoperator is only a button away should any difficulty arise. Rescheduling a delivery is easy.

3 · Curb service

The customer meets LOXO in front of their home, office, etc. and types in a code. The compartment opens so the merchandise can be removed. No boxes are hurled into bushes. No packages are left on doorsteps to be rained on or stolen.

LOXO your hub-to-hub deliveries

Developed for the retail sector, the LOXO vehicle is equally suitable for moving goods within your company. Cut your CO2 emissions, increase efficiency, improve fleet management and lower operational costs with autonomous deliveries between your company’s hubs.

Have the LOXO vehicle customized to your needs with purpose-built compartments. The LOXO API can be configured to interact with your software for seamless integration into your operations systems.

The power of partnership

LOXO cooperates with prestigious research and development partners in Switzerland. In technical development as in vehicle construction, we are proud to be Swiss Made.

Bringing visionary ideas to life via engineering excellence

LOXO was founded to make goods delivery safer, greener and more convenient – for everyone.

2018 - 2020

A bold idea takes embryonic form when the Swiss city of Fribourg tests autonomous shuttles. The team of LOXO founders was involved in evaluating the safety of this new technology, which ignited a desire to build the most reliable and advanced autonomous vehicle for last-mile package delivery. Research on it begins. The team announces it has made enormous strides in advancing autonomous driving technology by coupling it with a cutting-edge teleoperation system.


LOXO enters Phase 1 of prototype development. The company tests its technology on a variety of projects to demonstrate its validity. Proof of concept is achieved! Onboarding with production, business and service partners is begun. LOXO AG is incorporated in May.

2022 + 2023

LOXO builds its first vehicle. It is presented to the world in the Swiss capital of Bern in early December.
An announcement is made of the first commercial project, to launch in Switzerland in January. LOXO initiates pre-sales for early 2023.

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